Cassie Jorgensen (It's The Little Things)

My company does not have a website yet but I have started a small network of women who can assist business owners with those little office chores and duties that require so much time and attention.

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As all business owners soon learn, it is those little office chores and duties that take so much time and energy to get done. It is those same little office chores and duties that seem so inocent but so quickly occupy so much of a business owner's life. Our trained and carefully interviewed associates know the ins and outs of efficiently completing those little chores and duties and keeping them from growing into destructive monsters. Our services include IT assistance, web design, customer service, email marketing, general office chores such as answering all types of correspondence, ordering supplies and products, carefully keeping track of billing, software licensing and other necessities. We can just about do it all for any size business. One of the recent trends we have been seeing is the bartering of products and services and we have developed a software program to create and track such activities. We are your one stop shop for office virtual assistance.

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