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I was born in Arequipa, Also known as the white city. Arequipa, a beautiful city built from majestic volcanic rocks in the southern part of Peru. As a child, I grew up in an entrepreneurial environment, Parents owned small hardware stores and were extremely dedicated every single day of the week, looking back this is one of the greatest gifts they have handed to me. I can clearly remember the early mornings and the late nights, a twelve year old little salesperson managing a hardware store. There were many lessons I learned working along my parents, the most important lesson was that it does not matter how great of a disadvantage one may face, Work ethic and loyalty to clients are key ingredients to succeed as an entrepreneur.

At age thirteen, My parents decided to venture to the United States. This was very exciting! As I have always enjoyed learning. I was committed to learn the language and the culture, I was also extremely motivated to grow my communication skills. After three years, I succeeded! As I was able to speak fluent English and gained the ability to communicate efficiently among my peers. Later, I became an American citizen, which one of the most memorable days of my life. During college, I learned that selling and marketing one’s self is one of the most important ability one can acquire. Soon after college, I became genuinely passionate about educating, motivating and helping people.I decided to pursue a career in real estate sales which would enable me to educate and help a lot of people while following the entrepreneurial path. This is where “Your Loyal Agent” was born.

Why real estate? I have always been fascinated about self-development and learning. I enjoy learning from books and mentors to live a balance life between Health, Wealth, Love & Happiness. Financial stability is key in order to have a great life. After reading books on finance and wealth creation, I realized that Investing by owning real estate is one of the greatest ways to create a foundation for long term wealth. I soon started successfully investing in real estate, thus becoming truly passionate about sharing the benefits of owning real estate. The more I shared with people the idea of ownership and their benefits, the more I was able to motivate and encourage them to find a great home they can live or invest to create wealth for themselves and their family.


Buying a Home with Cristhian Huamani

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Aidan Sarah
I know for a fact, that I will always be grateful that I had the good fortune to meet Cristhian Huamani. From my experience with sales people, and as a former sales professional, I can honestly state that here is a gem of a professional with an exquisitely rare combination of fine qualities: Savvy-as-it-gets with investment matters, devotedly determined to help me find exactly what I want as a buyer, yet still, the best of what anyone could have in a friend: sympathetic, a listener, and someone who truly cares about you. I would gladly and outspokenly recommend Cristhian to anyone who is looking to invest in a home. Simply one of the best.

**Loyalty First, Commission Second** This is why I am Highly committed and passionate to work for my clients' best interest.