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Get to know Dan Auito

            Dan Auito is a dual-licensed real estate agent and appraisal assistant. Founder of a

            non-profit drug prevention corporation, a real estate consulting group and is the 

            author of "Magic Bullets Real Estate." This 300-page power-packed book comes with a website that further supports its readers 

            Dan may be reached by visiting       


Also licensing your own personal MLS like website at www.Citruscountyclassifieds.com operate a site like this in your local area.

Dan Auito's Blog Posts


Networking and introducing others to resources  and contacts in addition to all phases of real estate investment acquisition and sales.


My latest efforts:



They are all going into one 2,000 + Page organized compendium of real estate advice found here: www.BeARealEstateHeavyWeight.com


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