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Roger has acquired a knowledge of business that simply cannot be taught. I have mastered the art of arbitrage; simultaneously transacting the purchase and sale of a given object while profiting from the price discrepancy. Arbitrage works because of a disparity between the supply and the demand of any given product. Whether it is cars, watches, or real estate,I or my cleints only invests when we feels that the demand will outpace the supply. It is for this reason that we continues to purchase Homes, apartment buildings and other investment properties.Alabama -

You gotta love it!  A lot of folks love the area due to our four seasons.  Also, you have the convience of living in small town communitys with the city not far from you should you choose. 


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The real estate business comes as second nature to Roger, as he grew up in a household where his parents owned and managed income properties.Spanish ok...over 4000 opened Houses