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Driving around looking for houses one Sunday afternoon, I almost threw in the towel. How was it out of the 15 houses I found For Sale, not one of them could even tell me the price?!?! My frustration grew with each empty flyer box and immediate voice mail redirection. A few times I attempted to locate the listing from the URL listed on the sign, but the realtor's website either crashed on my phone or was so confusing on my small screen I couldn't find that specific listing and gave up.  In a world of technology, all I had was my trusty pencil and notebook to try and make as many notes as I could to distinguish one home from the next. It didn't work. Return phone calls from the real estate agents started pouring in from a few hours later to well into the next week, and fed both mine and their frustration when I had no idea which house they were talking about. More notes jotted down from the Realtor and then running to a computer to try and trigger my memory with a photo. Was this the house I drove by, or was that one it? There had to be a better way!!!


Out of my frustration with the home buying experience, grew ForSaleByTxt.com. The Internet has spoiled buyers into giving them whatever information they want, immediately with the click of a button. But onsite, they are still at the mercy of the seller. As a seller, you get to decide what sort of experience your potential buyers will have when they are standing in front of that For Sale sign deciding whether or not to take the next step. ForSaleByTxt.com is a tool to make the buying experience more in-line with today's buyers' expectations of getting the information they want, when they want it. 


And while the buyer is getting exactly what they want, you are collecting the leads and stats! Talk about a win-win!




So how does ForSaleByTxt.com work, exactly? It is a combination of texting and a mobile-friendly website, to ensure your buyers can access your listing's information right when they want it - usually as they are standing in front of the house. It works like this:


1. The seller lists the property online at http://www.forsalebytxt.com

2. The seller puts the ForSaleByTxt.com instructions on the listing's For Sale sign

3. The buyer follows the instructions on the sign to text using their cell phone

4. The buyer is immediately texted back the price and a short description of the listing, along with a URL

5. The buyer can visit the URL to see full information and contact the seller (the URL can either be the seller's own mobile-friendly website or one created by ForSaleByTxt.com)

6. The seller gets an email and/or text message with the buyer's phone number for followup


It's that simple! The buyer got everything they wanted while the seller collected a qualified lead.


To demo the service, text fsbtxt 25 to 25827


My pet, ForSaleByTxt.com, doesn't bite the buyers, it massages them into their new home. Let me text you.