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Get to know Frugal Blinds

The art of being frugal is all about finding the right balance between quality, warranty, and price. We carry this even further by including service as part of the balance as well. Because a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it.

The window covering products offered at were hand selected to give the consumer, the best value in blinds and shades. We spent considerable time assembling our product selection. Our product line is a result of listening to all the things you, as the end user wanted. These items included durability, ease of operation, up to date colors and fabrics, child safety, quality customer service, fast delivery and more.

Having a solid warranty must also be considered. At Frugal Blinds, we only provide products that carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Every single product we sell is covered for life! The only limitation is normal wear and tear. Shop with confidence knowing you will never be stuck with a broken blind or shade.


Frugal is Wisdom ~
Having the ability to know the difference between a cheap product and a quality product can be the difference between something that lasts 10 months versus something that lasts 10 years. Have you ever bought a cheap pair of shoes only to have them fall apart way short of what you thought the life expectancy would be? At first, you may have felt like you scored a great deal. But in the end, you ended up having to replace the item sooner than planned.

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