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Darren Hildreth is a real estate agent in Las Vegas, NV. He grew up in Montana and has the right connections to help you find a great real estate agent so you can find the perfect Montana property.

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Darren Hildreth is a real estate agent in Las Vegas, NV. He grew up in Montana and has the right connections to help you find a great real estate agent so you can find the perfect Montana property. Before he received his real estate license he was just like any other home buyer or seller. He watched his credit score to make it the best he could, he saved up some cash, and he put together his plan of how he was going to make a lot of money in real estate. He even studied up by reading all the books he could find on buying and selling real estate, cashing in on foreclosures, and flipping rehabilitated houses. He thought he had it down. He purchased a duplex, did a rehab project, began a construction project and formed a couple of partnerships so we could "get bigger faster". He made a little money but nothing grand. The one mistake he made was that he didn't find the right real estate agent and it cost him.

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Most real estate markets are going to have great agents. However, a majority of the agents in an area don't understand how to service their clients nor negotiate in their best interest. An agent will cover his/her own tail and do what it takes to wrangle in a client to get the deal closed without understanding the goals and needs of their clients. As an agent Darren hears more horror stories than success stories. So, how do YOU find the right agent?

The best real estate agents will come referred and with a great deal of success. They will be client-centric. They will not necessarily be full of flare but they will be full of wisdom and industry experience. They will save you big in the end. They won't have to sacrifice their commissions because of the money they save you...in fact, a great real estate agent is worth every cent they get paid. Any real estate agent should know that for him/her to build a business they will eventually have to rely on referrals. You would think they would do what they had to in order to keep a great client happy and make them successful so they would have referred business down the road. It is amazing how many real estate agents are very transactional based. They want the money from the current deal.

Many real estate agents are just too green to be of great help. Some have been around too long and have become lazy or apathetic. Some have teams and will just hand you off to a rookie....

So, how do you find a great real estate agent that will work for you?

The Real Estate Solution: Great Real Estate Agents Come by Referral.

There are only so many ways to have a great real estate agent referred to you:

Referral by Satisfied ClientIf you are referred first hand by a satisfied client you may have found your match. There's a lot to be said of someone who has had success with a professional. Verify that your needs and situation are the same because some agents are better at certain things than others. If your situation is similar and you like the agent then use them. "Friend in the Business"RED FLAGS!!! RED FLAGS!!! Be extremely cautions of a family member or close friend who solicits your business in real estate as a competent professional. If you think it might be hard to tell them NO just wait until they screw up your transaction and have you strung out all over the planet and have you money and time all tied up. Talk about serious strain on a relationship. We're not saying not to use a competent real estate agent who is a friend or family but we are saying that you don't use a friend or family member who is a real estate agent...there is a difference. There are a lot of licensees who don't have a clue and do one or two transactions a year or every couple of years. Don't feel obligated. Just tell them you don't want to damage the relationship if things go south. You want to have an "arms length relationship" with your agent...if they don't know what you mean then you will be glad you didn't use them. Referral by ProfessionalYour best option is to find someone with a great network who is competent. Find someone who is in the industry and knows what great service is all about. They will be successful themselves. Have them refer you to another agent if they don't service the area your are going to or coming from. Agents get referral fees for passing along a qualified client. Upon the closing of the transaction a percentage is paid to the referring agent. Besides their fiduciary responsibility to treat you well they actually have a monetary reason to take care of you. They have an interest to make sure the next guy/gal does their job.
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