Laura Al-Amery, Real Estate Investor and Mentor
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Laura Al-Amery, an experienced real estate investor and mentor with over 25 years experience in real estate investing, from wholesaling to raising private money.

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Laura Al-Amery, an experienced real estate investor and mentor with over 25 years experience in real estate investing. She has helped hundreds of investors as a real estate consultant to achieve their real estate goals. She has hosted real estate seminars since 1997 in a variety of real estate topics and she has extensive experience in dealing with difficult real estate situations and using different methods of creative financing and marketing. If you would like to contact Laura Al-Amery directly, please send an email to or you can call 314.301.9594.

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At the present time the areas where I concentrate my efforts are:


Wholesaling - I have been flipping properties for over 20 years, locally and virtually. Foreclosures - short sales and loan reinstatements. Tax Delinquent Property - purchasing properties pre-auction via option agreements. Syndication - raising private money to purchase property, fix and flip. 

I also coach students in USA and Canada mainly on how to start real estate investing with no money of their own, how to take it to the next level with real estate syndication and private money, plus specialty strategies like purchasing tax delinquent property via option agreements and using the MLS for massive action.

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  • Steve Grimes

    “My name is Steve Grimes from Colorado Springs, CO. I have been working with Laura for over a year. Since I have been working with Laura, my business has increased. Her program gives you the information you need to be successful and she explains things in a way that just about everyone can understand. The greatest thing about her is that she cares about her students. Anytime that I have run into a problem and have asked her for help, I got immediate response and it was from her, not a staff member.

    There are a lot of companies out there that charge more money to mentor people. However, they get to you when it is convenient to them, you usually get a staff member who doesn’t know as much as you even, and they don’t supply you with ongoing education like Laura does. I believe in investing in education and having a Mentor that you can go to should you have a question or problem. For me, that person is Laura Al-Amery."

    Steve Grimes
    Colorado Springs, Colorado
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