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My name is Phil Bremer.  I am a Realtor in the Southwest suburbs of Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Specializing in helping sell properties that other agents haven't been able to sell. I want to change the way you think of buying and selling Real Estate.  I want the experience to be kind, sincere and beneficial.  I plan on being your Trusted Advisor, Skilled Negotiator and Expert Facilitator.  At REAL LIVING, we call this Premier Service. 

Premier Service is our Written commitment to you.  After any transaction closes, the buyers and sellers that we represent get a chance to Grade my performance.  At this time, my performance is 100% customer satisfaction.  In fact, I go above and beyond to ensure your satisfaction by keeping in constant contact with you, to keep you informed every step of the way.

If I was your Listing Agent, I will provide you with a 3 page list outlining all the steps I use to list, promote, advertise and sell your property.  I provide updates to this information with a simple email or phone call, letting you know what steps are completed and what is next.  You will never feel out of touch with me as your represenative.  You will know exactly where I am at in the process.  This makes all my clients relax, knowing I am working for you!

If I was your Buyers Agent, I start with a simple yet effective personal meeting.  In this meeting I gather information about you and current situation.  We will cover all your wants and needs and generate a list of possible properties to meet your requirements.  Then, when your ready we will tour each property, making sure it is everything your looking for.  At no time will you be required to miss work, take a day off or change your schedule.  I am very flexible and strive hard to work around your schedule.  You will never work around mine.

As a recent buyer myself, (Purchased in 2008) I know what concerns you.  I have had the same concerns too.  Even though I'm a Realtor, I hired a Realtor to help me in my Search.  As I kept my eyes and ears open, So did my Realtor.  In the end, We found a wonderful property in the area I desired.  Just perfect.

If your asking the question, Why would I hire you?    Please keep reading...


When it comes to choosing your Realtor, I know there are alot of Realtors to choose from.  So, how do you know which one to pick?  I will encourage anyone who is considering Buying or Selling, to interview several Realtors.  In the end it really comes down to comfort level... Doesn't it?  Are you comfortable sharing your personal information with anyone?  How do you feel when you talk about finances to a stranger?  I hope you choose someone your comfortable with.

When it comes to describing myself, I have very few, but meaningful words... they are:  Honest, Trustworthy and Knowledgable.

I make it a point to be honest with everyone, and expect the same in return.  If you are looking at a house that is wrong for you, I will tell you. I'm here to help, not just earn a quick paycheck.  If you want to look at 50 homes, let's go... I am not pushy or rushed.  I will not sell you a property, I will let the property sell itself.

Trustworthy, is another big word. To me, it not only means you can trust me, but the whole relationship is based on mutual trust. Being trusted shows respect for the little things that mean alot.  You can trust me to keep your best interests in mind when buying or selling Real Estate.

Knowledgable.  No two transactions are the same. There is so many different variables, that no person knows all the answers.  If you ask me a question that I have no answer for, I will certainly get it for you.  I make it a point to stay on top of the Real Estate news including the National Association of Realtors, Minnesota Association of Realtors, and dozens of websites. I like to think of the person with the most knowledge prevails.  Like any profession that requires Continuing Education, I select the best information classes.  I'm not a slacker taking the easy ones to 'just get by" I want what is best for you. 

Like someone once said, "I want for myself, what I want for everyone"

When your out looking for a Realtor, you have power.  Use it.  Interview as many as you wish, and select the one that is right for you.  Ask yourself, will this Realtor put everything in writing?  Will he keep me informed?  Do I feel like I can trust him? 

I would be happy to meet with you and discuss your situation, Give me a call today to see why my clients are 100% satisfied!  (952) 250-9313


In todays market, there is no time to skimp on communication, marketing and service. I provide a list of activities so you never have to ask "What's my Realtor doing?" I'm working hard for YOU! I'm