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Maryland State certified home inspector Rayaap@aol.com Cell phone 508-400-5868

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Thanks for taking the time to read my profile! I have recently moved from Florida in August of 2007 and am originally from Massachusetts. I am working with Lockheed Martin as a Quality insurance inspector on the JSF-35 (jet fighter) program. I am assigned to the first test aircraft out of the factory that will endure 3 years of testing and modifications as required, before going into mass production in 2012 for all branches of our US military. Inspecting aircrafts for flight worthiness is a lot of responsibility as i have the air crew's lives in my hands. Having to have an extra keen eye for details and functionality made me a "shoe in" for as a home inspector.

 My wife and I house hunted for 1 year before finding the right home! All the time we spent looking and deciding, prompted us to both get our Maryland State realtors licenses. Our many hours of acquiring knowledge, simply out of curiosity, allowed the both of us to be "up" on homes, styles and how a home functions and its potential future costs (out of our pocket, lol) for repairs. Home inspecting is interesting and Fun for me. My wife is currently a successful realtor with Century 21 new millennium in California (20619) Maryland.

I do my own home repairs and maintenance as well as landscaping and maintaining the pool. The motorcycles that I have in my garage take second place to my being a slave to my home and home inspection business. Occasionally Gabriella and I get out for a relaxing dinner!




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