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I represent Interest Saving Solutions.  We are helping families across the U.S. to experience the Peace of Mind that comes from being free of all debt, including their mortgage!  We do this by educating our clients on smart banking techniques that can save them thousands of dollars in interest cost and years off their mortgage. Find out how you too could be totally debt free in 10 years or less without: Changing your current lifestyle Earning additional income Paying more toward your monthly mortgage payment.  How does the ISS program work?  By using the ISS system, your current mortgage company, and your bank's products, we will teach you how to utilize your money more efficiently to combat the dreaded Daily Calculated Interest.It's simple!When you make your current monthly mortgage payment - the principal portion is applied to your mortgage once a month. This means interest cost is affected one time per month. A bi-weekly program affects the interest cost every two weeks.Imagine the principal reduction if added monies were applied daily instead of monthly!With our ISS software program, we will develop for you a personalized financial "game plan" that will show you how to maximize your banking products to your best interest, not the bank's! Your personalized "game plan" will show you how to: Deposit all of your income into your ISS account Pay monthly bills with a credit card that offers a grace period Use income deposited into your ISS account to pay off the credit card balance in full before the end of the grace period*By following the ISS program, you will have Financial Peace of Mind and start on your journey to create true wealth.The reason for using the ISS system is to: Reduce the "daily calculated interest" Pay monthly billsThe following table illustrates the change in interest cost on your mortgagewhen using the ISS system.DayOpening BalanceIncomeDepositsClosingBalanceInterestCost (7%)Jan 1-$150,000 -$150,000DailyJan 2-$150,000 -$150,000DailyJan 3-$150,000+$5,000-$145,000Daily The key to the ISS system is to utilize your income to work for you in reducing the principal balance of all your debts. Money that is deposited into a checking or savings account typically earns 0-2% in interest. All the while you are losing money with the interest you owe on your mortgage (6-8%) or credit cards (12-21%).

We specialize on homeowners that would like to eliminate all their debt as soon as possible without diminishing their lifestyle!