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Get to Know Dan & Rachael Polakovic with The Team

We make it a point to learn something new everyday.. so we can stay as up to date with the market and the industry. This way we can guide our clients in the right direction.

Together we strive to make our clients/customers, as informed and at ease with their transaction as we possibly can.

Working as a team we have the time, experience, ability and knowledge of two realtors for the price of just one!!

Your Dream Home

Whatever your view or vision for your first or next home, Dan and Rachael Polakovic with The Team are the London Ontario Realtors who can get you there!



Just before we had our daughter we bought our first house. We both had full time (unexciting) jobs that paid the bills.. but we were living our parents lives.

  We bought and sold 3 properties in the first year of home ownership and started investing in rental properties. We got a good taste real estate investing and the market in general and we liked it. We always knew that we didn't want to wake up in our 40's and look back and think we could have done so much more... SO we started researching the real estate profession.

We knew more then the average person as Dan's Dad sold real esate for a while when he was young. We knew it was what we wanted to do.   So we enrolled in the college, taking the courses at home because we had to work and take care of our daughter at the same time.

Some courses required time in class so we used the vacation time we had set aside for our honeymoon to take the second phase. It was worth it though.. we never regretted it.  

 Initially we were just going to start out doing it part time.. as commission only sales is really really scary for anyone, let alone someone with a small child and a mortgage. But just around the time Dan was completing his final phase the plant he worked for shut down and he was laid off. So.. he dove in head first.. and again never looked back.

He worked the first year full time while I continued with my other job only helping in the background with marketing and paper work etc. Because while completeing my courses I became pregnant with our son.  

 We never in a million years expected our real estate career to take off the way it did. By the time I was set to return to work from my maternity leave things were so steady for us we had to make a choice. Either hire an assistant, find another licensed partner to help Dan with the work load or I needed to take the plunge and leave my full time, steady paying job. This was so scary for us because that would mean both of us would be commission only... with no set income and no guarantees.  

But we are strong believers in What you Focus on Expands.. so 100% of our career focus was put in to real estate. And as the trend is forming in our lives.. I left my job.. and We never looked back.  

As a team, we compliment eachother so well. What one is weaker in, the other is strong and vice versa. We're the ying and the yang. And the double duty we can offer our clients helps keep us on top in the industry.   It's awesome... truly awesome. 


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The Fresh Face of London Ontario Real Estate! An award winning team that strives to provide quality service and extensive knowledge in today's challenging market.