Lisa Summers (Softly Worn - Home Staging)

189 Livingston Ave

Grimsby , On L3M 5M3

Hello, I am Lisa Summers, a home stager, staging Oakville to Niagara falls, Ontario. With a flair and love for design, home staging was right in line with a career for myself.

Get to know Lisa Summers

I have this love for decorating and also a very caring nature, putting those two together makes me a very good choice for staging your home.  I have many skills that are needed to put a plan together and follow through, this comes from 17 years at my last job as a regional account executive for canada's largest account. I have become addicted to TV shows that involve homes, they give me a place to learn from and also a place to say "what would I have done differently?" I want to help people through the transition of selling a home and moving - but mainly to make more sellers money and ease some stress along the way.


I seem to be able to find ways to fix up items, homes, yards at very low expenses.  I did backsplash at my trailer, the bottom half of the wall in beach stones.  I mounted them on the wall, painted them black and added a touch of bronze metallic, this cost about 12.00. For the top portion I decided to buy good quality flooring and glue it to the wall, that costs me about 25.00, so the total cost was approx $37.00.  Another area I did was an old bathroom, instead of buying new cupboards, I painted the existing ones and sprayed the old antique finish handles flat black.  The rest of the bathroom had really good fixtures but they were also atique finish and looked cheap, so I sprayed them flat black also.  So in the end it cost 14.00 for the paint and 4.00 for the spray paint, total cost was $18.00 and the impact was huge.

Paint can change the whole look of many different items or rooms, so don't throw out stuff before you try to resurface it!

If you are not handy but need new floors put in, go to Rona and get the peel and stick strip flooring.  It looks like hardwood but it feels like rubber, the thing about it is - you can cut it with sissors....only thing I suggest is to glue it down as the peel and stick is not that durable.  This can be put over existing ceramic, subflooring or vinyl and is about 1.00 a square foot, so a 10 by 10 room is only about 100.00 and the difference is amazing.  Also the floor comes in a few different colours.