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By Scott May, M.S., CRS., REALTOR Coldwell Banker Bullard Newnan GA
(Newnan - Peachtree City and surrounding areas)
Thomaston: About an hour South of Newnan and Peachtree City is a little known gem of a park along the hills of the Flint River drainage in Upson County Georgia.  The park is just under 1,500 acres and includes miles of trails, pic nick areas, camp grounds, cabins, boat launch/raft launch pick up area.   A little ways past the boat launch and pic nick area is where a part of Season 4 the finale episode of the Walking Dead was filmed.  When you look at this tree up above doesn't it look like it is about to get up and walk away?  Here are a few more pictures of the park.  If you get a chance go see it.  There's even a gift shop where you can pick up a trail map, and the parking fee of $5.00 is more than reasonable.  Newnan and Peachtree City Area, including Senoia, Sharpsburg, Fayetteville...
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By Richard Weisser, Richard Weisser Retired Real Estate Professional
(Richard Weisser Realty)
There was a time when nearly every town in America was connected by heavy iron rails. The railroads provided an essential link for commerce, transportation, and even the mail! The rails were the arteries of prosperity and places that were bypassed eventually withered and disappeared. However the days of short-lines are local service are nearly over. In many places the rails are long gone and it’s hard to even recognize the overgrown right-of-ways. You might find an occasional artifact here or there, but it doesn’t take long for the railroad bed to fade into obscurity. So when I pass through a small town and see some old secondary trackage, I always take a photo and document the location. Because it may not be there on my next visit.   “Photo” Thomaston GA May 2013”
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By Alicia Gibson, Associate Broker, McLeRoy Realty Associates, Inc.
(McLeRoy Realty Associates, Inc.)
A benefit for little Bo Story will be held this coming Sunday (25th).  This benefit is being held to help defray the massive medical expenses the Story family will be facing. TIME:     11:00 A.M. - 4:00 P.M. DATE:     OCTOBER 25, 2009 LOCATION:  BICKLEY'S LAKE - THOMASTON, GA - UPSON COUNTY BAR-B-Q PLATES TO BE SOLD FOR $8.00/PLATE + MUCH MORE!!! You can follow Bo's daily progress at the following site: http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/bostory  Below is a page of the journal written by Bo's mother, Britney. Background Story We tried for two years to get pregnant; we started seeing the doctor about it in January 2007...and Poof! We found out that we were pregnant on the 19th of January! We were so overjoyed and ecstatic that we cried. Bo was born on September 12, 2007 and we discovered ...
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