King William (San Antonio, TX)
One of the brightest points of San Antonio is the fact that many of the neighborhoods in the city have been around since the 1800’s, representing great historical significance throughout that residents seem to enjoy the most. The older houses and classic style architecture that take the styles of Old Texas and the Spaniard trends that were once prominent in the area. Lavaca is actually the oldest neighborhood of the city, and is found within the King William Historical District, with beginnings during the 1870’s. The neighborhood of Lavaca is well-known for homes that are built with the 19th century style of vernacular architecture, which were originally built by families of working class stature in the area during the earliest years. The charming history of Lavaca includes residents wh...
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By Cathy Criado, Making Real Estate Profitable
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The King William District is a San Antonio jewel & strong part of our history and culture. The Mission San Antonio de Valero, the Alamo, was secularized in 1793 and the land divided along the resident Indian families or sold in a public auction. In the 1860s the community was developed and settled by the Germans who were migrating here - nicknamed "Saurkraut Bend." What came next was row after row of amazing architecture:  Romanesque, Italianate, Neoclassical, and Queen Anne.  The main entry was named after King Wilhelm I the King of Prussia in the 1870s.  It developed into a row of impressive homes lined with pecan and cypress trees. When America went to war with Germany it was renamed to Pershing Avenue.  Although the name was restored a few years later, it was given the English versi...
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By Mike Pannell
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Besides one of the largest rodeos in the world, San Antonio, TX offers a great escape for any household. Featuring neighborhoods as diverse as the state of Texas itself, there is no limit to where you may claim your space in the city. Texas is of course one of the most visited states in the United States, not only because of select theme parks like Sea World and Six Flags, but also because of the history it provides in sites throughout the several cities of the state. Choosing San Antonio to be your home will get you very close to these sites and attractions, even offering the ability to reside within some of the oldest districts of Texas. One special neighborhood that definitely shines brighter than the rest of San Antonio is actually a grouping of neighborhoods called Southtown. Once ...
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