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At True Sarasota Real Estate, we help home buyers and real estate investors find the best price on the best real estate in Sarasota, FL. As Licensed Sarasota Real Estate Agents & Exclusive Buyers Agents, we love sharing Sarasota real estate virtual tours and Sarasota real estate news with people across the world who are considering relocating or investing in Sarasota real estate.



Families looking to move to Sarasota appreciate True Concierge services. Buyers relocating to Sarasota from other states or countries are often left with questions regarding neighborhoods, schools, temporary accommodations and much more. Buyers who turn to True Sarasota Real Estate will find answ...
  2012 will be on of the best years ever for home buyers and investors in the Sarasota Real Estate market Due to low interest rates and the growing willingness of lenders to work with qualified buyers, 2012 will be one of the best years ever for home buyers and real estate investors in the Saraso...
If you don't wait too long... YES. Sarasota real estate prices continue to drop, but the competition is growing, too.  As this new dynamic emerges in the Sarasota real estate market, we're actually seeing bidding wars with real estate investors vying with first-time home buyers, snowbirds, down-s...