California Real Estate Broker Karen Fiddler advises us of the many reasons why houses "linger on the market" and do not sell.     Broker Karen says, "Avoid having your home sit on the market by understanding the components of a lingering listing.  By knowing the reasons which reduce the chan...
      Rock and Roll History!  The last  Woodstock-style rock festival held in the United States was in Charlotte North Carolina, on August 10, 1974.   We were there!       Today marks the 42nd Anniversary.       The Allman Brothers Band, Foghat, Marshall Tucker, Emerson Lake and Palmer, Black Oak...
     Black Mold!  It comes in many shapes and colors; it can be highly toxic and very dangerous to human health.  Mold is often found in areas of houses that are poorly ventilated, damp, or have high humidity.  Black Mold should be treated and removed by a Professional (the process is called "rem...
     Many Realtors have encountered "a Buyer from Hell".  Someone who is rude, demanding, inconsistent, disrespectful, and abusive.  Such a Buyer tormented Philadelphia Real Estate Agent Hannah Williams for several weeks, before she finally said, "Enough!" and told him to find another Agent.     ...
     What do you do when the Appraiser just doesn't show up for the appraisal?  Then at the last minute she tells the Listing Agent that she doesn't want the job!  "Would you please re-assign it?"    This scenario is actually happening to Florida Real Estate Broker Beth Atalay!     After failing ...
     "10 Things I Wish I'd Known Before I Got My Real Estate License" is a humorous, yet sobering wake-up call to anyone thinking about getting a real estate license.  Two-year veteran real estate agent Carla Black of Dripping Springs, Texas (near Austin) gives you "Fair Warning" about 10 things ...
     Zillow!  Many Buyers and Sellers look to Zillow to find out what a house is worth.  But how accurate is the "Zestimate"?  Depending upon the house, city, county, or state, the Zestimate can be way off.       Zillow admits to the potential inaccuracy of their estimates, but that admission is ...
    The Question Board, aka the Q&A Section of ActiveRain, is a gold mine of information regarding the real estate industry.  But how can you search that Board for a particular topic, or for answers to questions that you may have?      California Real Estate Agent Ryan Huggins provides an easy "h...

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