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The Blooper Blog is back, friends. Thanks to Bruce Walter of West Lafayette, Indiana for a laundry list of hysterical blooper finds. Believe it or not, only one was from L.A. this week! Maybe word is getting out that Big Bother is watching. Uh, Big Brother. No, let’s stick with Bother. Check out...
Hi, Friends. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone that the blooper reel is back with more gaffes than I have time to tripe...uh, I mean "type". Thanks to Jan Pastras and Patrick Martin of Los Angeles for their very funny (albeit pathetic) blooper submissions. I am beginning to think ...
For those of you just returning, welcome back to the 2013 Blooper Blog, friends. As expected, the year started out with a number of hysterical real estate marketing bloopers from the MLS and from real estate ads all over the U.S. Thanks to Patty DaSilva of Davie, FL for her great contributions. ...
Here we go again – it’s Blooper Madness. Honestly folks, these marketing typos and ridiculous gaffes are not all from here in Los Angeles. A.R.'s own Bruce Walter will back me up on that, as a lot of these head-scratchers come from his local area of Indiana. I get submissions from everywhere, so...