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J. Paul Getty said "Money doesn't necessarily have any thing to do with happiness.  Maybe unhappiness."  Up to a point I agree.  You can be happy with your money if you learn how to save it, balance it, budget it, and spend it. With that said, here are a few steps to help you. Save. Financial adv...
You may recall that when the Chernobyl nuclear accident occurred in the Ukraine on April 26 1986, people were evacuated from the area to protect them from the fallout of radiation.  Nuclear reactor accidents can happen at any time, even safe reactors can become unsafe as evident in recent events ...
Last week I received an e-mail and I'm showing you the entire e-mail because it looks authentic, but it is not.  After reading it I decided to call the "Personal Banker" mentioned at the end of this e-mail before clicking on any links, and to my surprise was greeted by a voice mail: "We are not h...

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