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Household chores can be so laborious especially if you do them the old fashion way.  For instance, scrubbing the bathtub.  Using a scrub brush and an abrasive cleaner was the norm but here is something simple that will keep you from breaking your back. A broom. Um hum, a broom!   To avoid bending...
We all know that debt refers to something that is owed, and it is our obligation to pay up or it will fall in a debt collector's hands.  Bills pile up, debt increases, assets are mismanaged, and in the process we are frustrated, it happens.  But a few reasonable adjustments may go a long way towa...
We live in a "wired " world thanks to communication devices and as cell phones become less expensive more and more people will be seen with them.  At some point you may find yourself on the receiving end of unsolicited commercial e-mail (spam).  Some third party companies set up "legitimate" busi...

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