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Why is our morning exercise class in Casta del Sol called Aerobics? Only the ones who have been here for 18 years or more would know the answer and there are still some of them attending class. The class is really a about body sculpting. Saddleback College stopped holding summer aerobic classes i...
                             I don't even have to mention that we have the best weather of any other place. Casta del Sol is a retirement community locat ed in Mission Viejo, CA which was named the safest city in the U.S. It is a planned development of nearly 2000 homes built in a natural environ...
Southland home prices increased 10% over the same time last year and foreclosures dropped drastically This increase indicates that foreclosure homes aren't dominating the market here. In Mission Viejo we are showing 62 percent of home sales, are traditional sales, up from 53% in January. The larg...
This is a picture of Lake Mission Viejo with the Mountains in the back ground! Just did a check on how the market in my area is doing. I work out of Mission Viejo, CA Population is over 95,000 Total Active on the market        1/15/10- - 257 all homes.               3/17/10- - 313 all homes. Shor...
Lets take a look at the activity for sold homes in Casta del Sol, Mission Viejo,during the first 2 months of the year over the last 8 years. We see right away that this is a good year. The good news is we have 16 homes go into escrow in Feb. that haven't closed as of yet! As of today we have 18 a...
If you did receive a form with the wrong address on it, here's what to do: If the city and/or ZIP Code are incorrect but the street address is fine, be sure to complete the form, correct the city name and ZIP and mail it back. If the house number and street number are both wrong and you haven't f...
Are buyers ready to buy this spring? Can we get them to commit to buying this spring? Or are they going to say, not sure we are at the bottom yet, lets wait and see. Well, in Southern Orange County, Mission Viejo the bottom was a year ago! I checked the prices from last January to this January an...
This was part of report in Realtor Magazine Paying down the mortgage can be a great investment, often providing a better return than a savings account. I have been telling people that for years! You have a loan that you are paying 5% or 6% on and you have money in the bank earning less than 2%, s...
Well it is only one day away from our "Be-Bop Baby Boomers Birthday Bash" March 4th at 6:30PM in the Vista Room at Casta del Sol, Mission Viejo. We are planning to be kids again! There will be favors and bubbles blowing for us to play with because our club is only 5 years old  and we are celebrat...

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