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Anne Lyon
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I have two business passions: I am a Real Estate Agent and an Internet Travel Agent. I  l consider myself to be a very social agent who will make the utmost effort to work in harmony for my clients with, fellow agents and affiliates working in the industry.

My main focus is working with people looking to make a major commitment of financial importants in buying a home as a personal residence or as an investment opportunity and/or selling their home or investment. 

The first order of business when I meet with clients is all important; assisting them in gaining an understanding of how these two functions of Real Estate work. Every client has the right to be fully informed as to how these systems  operate from start to finish and the main impact of each step in the process. Knowledge and commitment. for each client leads to success in this all important goal.

When its time to take a break for two days or two weeks, I'm an agent who loves to travel and I thoroughly enjoy helping new and seasoned travelers to get their Lyon Share of enjoyment in their travel experience.


I work with new home buyers, senior buyers, and repeat buyers in all walks of life. From Buyers looking for condos and townhomes to high end properties-I'm in the people business, first.

I sell homes within the same framework.

Often times the process works smoothly. Other times the process may be complicated and hold challanges. These problems always have a solution and I enjoy working hard to obtain the best solutions possible for the benefit of my clients. Knowing and working with the most repected people in the business puts me in the right position to obtain tthe best information and most positive outcome for my clients.

 Happy satisfied buyers and sellers is the main goal and the foundation of my work ethic.


I'm a Baltimore County agent with a long family association (over 200 years!), in this exciting community. Just ask me for assistance and I 'll provide the answers.