Joyce Dahlbeck, ASPM, REALTOR (Staged Homes of Lubbock)

8911 York Place

Lubbock , TX 79424

Professional Staging by Lubbock's 1st Accredited Staging Professional Master. My experience can help your listings sell faster & often for more money. Occupied or vacant, evey home benefits.

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My Home Staging creates a warm and inviting environment for potential buyers to envision themselves living there and making an offer! (Please look below to see how to get to my success stories)

Occupied Staging Consultations consist of a room by room list of simple (usually cost free) suggestions that the home owners can implement to help their home show its best. From my training and experience I have techniques that will help every home's selling features pop out. If the sellers would like me to help with the Staging I can then give them a free Staging Bid.

New construction or vacant Stagings first start with a free Staging Bid which would explain what I feel needs to go into a home to help it feel warm and inviting to potential buyers. Focusing on the selling features of the home without over cluttering the home.

Staging costs less than you think and is more effective than you can imaging! Every home can benefit from Staging!

 As a Realtor, I know that the home that looks the best and is competitivly priced sells! Getting the commision to the Realtors faster and often for more.

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I can help you sell your listings! By making me part of your listing package (as many Realtors have done) I can not only help you sell your listings but help you gain more listings. Many sellers are interviewing potential listing agents to find out who has the "best deal" for them. Edge out competitors by including Staging in your listing package.

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