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“The reason I joined Team National was for the value of the membership. The integrity and business

ethics of this company drew me in right away. I quickly paid for my membership in the first several

weeks by purchasing a car and having some dental work done. The sharing concept initially threw me,

but I shared Team National with others and began to advance throughout the ranks of Team National.

To date I have saved around $30,000.00 with Team National. Today I am a magician and have utilized

the Business Exchange to gain more business and it has been such a helpful tool. I am very grateful for

Team National!” -Brian Boyd


“We originally got into Team National to save money. Our most fantastic savings has been ongoing.

We had our mortgaged refinanced with Wells Fargo and have saved over $2,200.00 a year. Every year I

receive back more than our initial membership payment. Thank you Team National!” -Thom Borchard


“Over the last five years I have saved over 15,000.00 on various items. We are extremely blessed to be a

part of Team National!” -Terry Harper


“We remodeled an old farm house and needed to purchase new furniture. We found an incredible

deal with Team National and were able to fill a house full of furniture for $5,000.00. Also, we recently

received a quote on our car insurance which will allow us to save $800.00 a year.”-Brian Andrews


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