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Wendy Di Bella
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Get to Know Wendy Di Bella

 I am the Founder and Principal Broker of At One Real Estate. I have specialized in real estate acquisitions, and equity investments for over 18 years. I am a fully invested wife and mother of two amazing daughters, as well as a highly skilled yoga practitioner. All of my experience in business, life, love and happiness is put to your service at At One Real Estate. I am ‘At One’ with your real estate goals and provide insightful direction and guidance when helping you sell or purchase a home. I offer consistency, honesty, integrity, skill, technique for marketing plans/ purchasing plans, and give personalized time and attention to my agents, clients and customers alike.


 At One is a full service, residential real estate brokerage, new to Westchester County. We offer 100% commission payout options. Our commission structure is not based on sales experience or productivity so agents can enjoy a higher income without having to increasing sales or sales volume. Each sales agent selects one of our three, fee based plan options starting as low as $49 monthly. Our mentorship program gives seasoned agents the opportunity to mentor newer agents and generate additional income for themselves .  Increasing your income and efficiency without increasing your effort is the solution we offer. We provide 100% commission and 100% commitment for our agents and clients continued success. 


Advantages of being an At One Agent:

Keep 100% of your commission No minimum sales experience or productivity E & O insurance Streamlined, paperless technology State of the art techno tools Establish your own hours Determine how much commission to charge Marketing tools  Broker support Affiliation with one of the nation’s largest Realtor Boards/ Hudson Gateway Association of Realtors (HGAR)

Appreciating what you don’t have is as important as appreciating what you do have

NO floor time NO sales quotas NO preferential treatment NO hidden fees NO franchise fees NO broker competition


Choose your  Monthly Plan AGENT  KEEPS: Example: $699,000 res sale     with  2 1/2% commission AGENT  KEEPS: Example: $1,299,000 res sale   with 2 1/2% commission Wealth Plan $99 $17,475 Commission     -  495 Transaction fee     -    75  E & O insurance  YOU KEEP $16,905 $ 32,475     - 1,299 Transaction fee     -     75  E & O insurance YOU KEEP $31,101  Growth Plan $49 $17,475     -1,747.5  Transaction fee    -     75     E & O insurance YOU KEEP $15,625.50 $32,475    - 3,247.5  Transaction fee    -     75      E & O insurance  YOU KEEP $29,152.50 Master Plan $799 $17,475      -      0 Transaction fee     -    75   E & O insurance  YOU KEEP $17,400 $32,475      -      0  Transaction fee     -    75   E & O insurance  YOU KEEP $32,400

Transaction fees are based on selling price. Other terms, rules, conditions, and restrictions apply. Prices and terms subject to change without notice. Call for full details.



Full service real estate residential brokerage. 100% commission & 100% commitment to your 100% satisfaction.