Woodfin (Asheville, NC)
By Lesley Groetsch
(Reynolds Mountain Communities)
That title is not entirely true. I blog weekly on our website - www.reynoldsmountain.com - but it is not a "personal" blog per se. I'm looking forward to being an active member of this community. I have learned so much already from the posts, and I hope I can contribute to the dialogue. Asheville, NC is consistently sited in the press as one of the stable/active/long term markets remaining in the US (choose your adjective). That is relatively true, but we are definitely experiencing the same economic woes as the rest of the nation: high gas and food prices, salary and hiring freezes and of course, a real estate slow down. Our philosophy at Reynolds Mountain is to keep our heads down, keep working hard, stick to our values and vision and support the community at large in these difficult ...
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