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By ARDELL DellaLoggia
(Better Properties Seattle )
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Kirkland, the City built with its Downtown on Lake Washington, is full of quaint charm and character.  In the Seattle Area, Kirkland is one of the Cities in the area we call Eastside, along with Bellevue and Redmond, Washington. This home with fabulous views of Mt. Ranier, Lake Washington and Do...

By Devon Thurtle
(Heffernan Law Firm)
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Netled in a small commercial complex at the top of Rose Hill just off 85th, The Ashram Yoga provides its students with much more than a typical hot yoga workout.  This facility was custom-designed by owner Gary Olsen, who has been practicing yoga for most of his life.  Not only does the simple-ye...

By ARDELL DellaLoggia
(Better Properties Seattle )
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The lockbox holds the key to your front door. An agent has an electronic keypad that will open the box with an infra red beam after entering their identifying security code. The box does not register who came into your home.  The keypad in the agent's hand, when updated, is what records which ho...

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