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That's right!  Our Zoom call tomorrow at 2 pm EST features none other that Mr. Active Rain himself, Ben Kinney.AR ProfileHe will be bringing a wealth of knowledge to our conversation and he will be bringing us up to speed on many things that are going to happen to our site and more.This is hosted...
Good Monday to you!Are you a person of belief?  Not religious, but in yourself and your abilities?  To be able to work on yourself and be better at whatever you work at?  To make yourself a little better at what you do on a daily basis? "Man is what he believes"~ Anton Chekhov
Hello to all!This property is an Owner Finance deal that doesn't need a lot of money.Currently, it is a house in need of lots of rehab, but it is zoned IW, which stands for Industial Waterfront.  It is located a few blocks from the water and sports just under an acre at .98.  This property is sur...
Friday, Friday, Friday!Obviously if you're reading this, you made it through another week.Have you been doing something, anything to move you forward to what you are trying to achieve?  Are you getting even a step closer to what you're trying to do? "If you've failed, that means you're doing some...
Thursday is here.  Are you?  What I mean by that is mentally are you here?  Do you feel passionate about what you're doing or are you doing this in hopes of making the big bucks?  If you intend to do what you're donng in the hopes of making money and not being able to help out your fellow people ...
Wednesday is here.  How are things going for you?Are you criticized for your thinking of different ways of doing things?  Where would we be today if we didn't think 'out of the box'? "The fear of being different prevents most people from seeking new ways to solve their problems."~ Robert Kiyosaki
Hi Everybody.For those of you that like cash flow and like to invest in notes, I have 2 Contract for Deeds for sale.  They are on the smaller side, about $40K is owed on each.If you or someone you know may be interested, contact me on my email at I am not a broker of notes, t...
Hi fellow Rainers!Today's Zoom call at 2 pm EST is going to be a great one.  Bill Spear will be our speaker today and it will be all about Google and Google Maps to make your posts better.So that you can join our call today and help boost what you're already doing, go HERE  
Happy Tuesday to you!Hopefully, you don't self sabotage!  This is where you want something, but that little voice in your head tells you otherwise and creates an angst in you that doesn't seem to go away. "It's not what you say out of your mouth that determines your life, it's what you whisper to...
Tim LarkinAR Profile I got to meet Tim Larkin on a Zoom call.  As a matter of fact, he was one of our guest speakers.  A very good one too.Tim is enthusiastic (to say the least) and is very personable.  He is able to take a subject that is boring to many and make it come alive and make you excite...


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