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Home buyer/seller myth #10. "I can save a lot of money using a limited service agency. They will just charge me $500 to put my house in the MLS and I can sell it myself" Once again, Guys, if it was easy, I wouldn't have a job! People outside of the business have no idea where to price their home,...
Home buyer/seller myth #11. "I don't have anything to worry about, I already qualified for a mortgage ". Read the papers, folks. It says that you qualify assuming several things. One of them is, no changes in finances. Don't ever make any major purchases while you are under contract, before it cl...
As I am told, this August 2015, The make up and rules for our HUD-1 Settlement statements will change. I plan to get in touch with our closing attorney and, through him, become more educated on how this will impact us Realtors. The actual change in the make up will probably have little effect on ...
Madison MS Luxury 6/5 1/2 Home for Sale-Reunion Subdivision -A Madison MS dream home for sale with wonderful amenities that backs up to Chapel of the Cross property and walking trails.  Located in the beautiful  Reunion Subdivision.114 Langdon Dr, Madison, MS  391106 bedroom, 5.5 baths and Recrea...
I hear it every day. " I saw it on a financial website. It said that you should offer 5% under list" ok, let me put out this idea: suppose that you are in an area that is a slow market and the property that you are looking at is priced 10% above market value. If you follow this advice, you have j...
" All new homes have the same degree of energy efficiency"This is one of those things that are just not true, even though a large part of the buying public believes it to be.First, there are some things that are in the new building codes that will make new homes maore energy efficient than their ...
Home buyer/seller myth#6 " I don't need a Realtor to buy or sell" ( I love this one!) Mr. Seller, did you know that, on average, homes listed get 10% more than those sold by owners? You did save that 6% but you got 10% less. I, personally don't want that kind of savings! In general, the value tha...
Buyer and seller myths #1    "All mortgage companies are alike. I call around to see who will give me the best rate" wrong, wrong, wrong!! First, everybody's rates are going to be about the same. It is the fees that are different. One lender might charge $800 in fees, another might charge $3000 i...


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