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Hesperia, I get to the planning board every once in a while and a good friend of mine visits often. We are looking at highest and best use of land, zoning, and revitalizing an area.  Here are the plans, are they ok. great. we will finalise then and submit.But Consider, you bring your plans ,,,,  ...
How do you represent yourself in selling your own property. What are the E and O Issues. How do you negotiate when you are facing the client who may buy your property. Do you have any suggestions? ValExit Desert Ocean Realty   world vision rocks.
I have never met George but last year George did about 12 million in real estate deals.He looks for non compete property  and seldom uses the mls. He has a network of people who give him leads and he seldom  does he use a bankseldom does he try to get every bit of money from a deal. I like George...
How do Banks Figure out the interest rate? Who regulates how the Interest rate is displayed to the public? The Regulation which is affectionally known as Reg Z Is issued by the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System. It is the Truth in Lending Act which is  reflected in article 1 of the...
I come from a long line of Rensink's, I am proud to be a Rensink.We have served our county in the military. We served as educators, engineers, lawyers, Car Sales, Real Estate, Bankers, insurance, on and on.But most importantly we have served on the Farm. The Farm owner, Farmer, Dairyman, Crop Gro...
I just got back from three long and intense days of Seller financing. From the Basic to why it is good for the Seller to creative Seller Financing. I have come away from the event totally inspired and ready to make some sales using the seller's ability.However, before you try something so brave a...
Currently I have eleven listings, and I am working with two buyers.I am headed out of town for three days for the purpose of a Seller Financing workshop. The workshop should be great. I have planned o n it for over three months and now it is happening.But every time I go away, I wonder   what abo...
Personal, Let's get personal says the Home designer we want an environment that reflects your tastes, desires, moods, beliefs---you. The individual signature,DNA, you.  So out come Earth Tones. Or Fruit and Vegetable Kitchen colors and Style and a home in a mirror reflection of YOU.  When you com...
Creative like Staging? No   Creative like Sign-age? No  Creative like Internet Marketing? No Creative like Caravans? No  Creative like Print? No Creative like Mass Email and phone calling Agents? No Creative like a 5% buyers commission and $10,000 bonus? NoCreative like 4% interest on your loan w...
I live, work, worship, shop, recreate in Apple Valley. Although, only here for about five years. I have studied and learned about Apple Valley. What should you know if you move here?Clean Air: Compared to many other places in So California you can take a deep breath here.Children: We have many gr...

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