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Real Estate Broker/Owner - Corinne Guest, REALTOR® | Barrington Realty Company - License: 471.000044
Corinne's has been serving buyers and sellers in Barrington Illinois as the Managing Broker of Barrington Realty Company for over 15 years. Corinne is now studying for her Wyoming Responsible Brokers license and is traveling to Cheyenne WY in March to take her exams and then take the license exam. She will then become a consultant Broker in Wyoming specializing in ranches, land and luxury properties until she opens her brokerage there.
Anyone that has any interest in SEO will likely have heard about backlinks. Just yesterday I had a conversation with a digital marketing ageny who have hired me to do their clients SEO work.We talked about the best components of a website in an age where it is becoming harder by the day to get to...
You can’t say no to this Palatine home! A new construction in Palatine will bring comfortable living and entertaining to a whole new level. Set to be built in the desirable Palatine community, this home  features 5 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms on a spacious 4,100 square feet of living space. Other fe...
New construction home available for sale now in Palatine Privacy, convenience, and a genuine sense of tranquility are some of the few alluring advantages offered by this custom estate-sized home in the Chicago suburbs. The town of Palatine is the perfect location.   Located on the tree-lined stre...
I've been writing recently about SEO and had a conversation with a client recently about measuring her success and why failure does not have to be the only option.SEO is not difficult. Most of the basic concepts are well within the ability of all of you here. Yes all of you.Advanced SEO is more i...
I no longer use the product for my own website but many here do so I thought you might like to take a look at what some simple sprucing up can do. From blah to bam! I did some customizing on Kathleen Daniels  Exclusive San Jose Homes and Horse Properties web site to take it from an unmatching plu...
Last week I gave you, a place to see what your website speed load is scored at and actually how fast your home page loads. I like that a lot of you went and tested it. Now let's talk about the rest of your website.Most of you, me included, will have entered your domain name. But like...
There's a lot of very general information about SEO, some is easy to do, some is harder and some is so confusing it's even harder to know whether to believe the person publishing it. We spend hours pouring over articles and trying to get the on page SEO the best we can. Write long articles, give ...
How is your last quarter of business going? Have you made money this year? Are you happy with the quantity of deals you do each year? Would you like next year to be your best year ever? Is your website getting visits? Are your web rankings climbing? Can I help you with coaching? Let me do SEO fo...
Just for those not on Facebook with us. Makenzie is 7 months old this week. We have released her, with risk, from her crate. She just will not sleep beyond 5am and it's getting very old when our normal up time is 6am.We are trying to find solutions. So far all have failed.Two nights without anyth...
When I first started in real estate, I had no idea what I was getting into!It Started in BarringtonAs the months went buy I decided to focus on Barrington where I live. Barrington is not a big area, medium I would say, but tons of competing agents and I was warned off it so many times. You'll nev...

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