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I want to seize this moment to wish all of my clients, readers and friends a Very Happy New Year! I hope you enjoy a great weekend of celebration and then get off to a great 2012 beginning.As for us, we are enjoying a quiet evening at home, will probably watch a movie or two and of course, we wil...
I'm not sure about my readers, but for me personally, I often find the news quite interesting at this time of year. This is especially true when we look at the year in review. In fact, I've noted all of the major networks have been highlighting the previous 12 months of news over the past couple ...
I wanted to seize this moment to stop and pause from a very busy day of activities, to wish all of my clients, readers and perspective clients a Very Merry Christmas. Hopefully, you are enjoying the day with family and friends.I saw this quote about Christmas that I couldn't resist publishing tod...
I am often asked about Mortgage Down Payments. Of course I always remind people that I am a Real Estate Agent but not a Mortgage Loan Officer. It is simply a habit of mine to refer clients to the right people in reference to all of their questions.I noted an interesting article yesterday that arr...
Christmas at Mount Vernon promises to be a wonderful event this year. It will be taking place from now and through January 6, 2012. This is an event the entire family will enjoy. There is a gingerbread replica of the Mansion, chocolate making demonstrations and a rare opportunity to tour the 3rd ...
As a RealtorĀ®, I'm often asked Mortgage Questions. For example: "How do I know if I can pay my Mortgage off early?" "What is simple interest?" "How much of my payment is actually going toward paying down what I owe?" The list is unending.Let me clear the air... My first response is always: "You n...
We all know that purchasing a Condo within some Associations can be a challenge right now. In fact, I wrote on this topic a short time back, "Know These Numbers Before Purchasing A Condo". I just came across another article titled, "FHA Buyers Blocked From Condos". This is a writing that truly te...
This is just a reminder that George Winston - The Winter Show - will be taking place tomorrow evening. This will take place at George Mason University's Center For The Arts at 8 pm, December 10th, 2011.There is plenty of information at this website: George Winston, The Winter ShowThis show is rat...
I don't know about you, but I love looking for things to do at Christmas Time. It can be a particular place to shop, and Out Door Skating Rink and/or even a Christmas Concert.The purpose of today's writing is to let all of my readers know the Vienna Boys Choir will be at the Hylton Performing Art...
I came across this interesting article this morning. The title is: 4 Steps To Buy Again After Foreclosure. If you are currently going through the pain of foreclosure, or if you have been there in the past 3 or 4 years, this article is for you. Follow this link to learn more: 4 Steps To Buy Again ...

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