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I am a retired Greater Sacramento Realtor. My career spanned 40 years beginning in 1981, and ending in 2021. MY INTERESTS & HOBBIES: In addition to family activities, I am active in a Sacramento history group, and a local Sacramento area genealogy group. I actively research several family names. I also have a special love of cooking. For several years, I worked at an international software development company, which was represented by people from all over the globe. During that time, I was fortunate enough to learn special recipes from a number of them. They include, Indian, Caribbean, Spanish, Italian, Mexican, Romanian, Hungarian, Irish, and Carolina "Low Country" recipes. I have developed a special interest in mixing certain recipes from varying ethnic groups to create unique recipes and combinations not usually seen. Another of my favorite pastimes is gardening. And, I often find myself spending hours in my garden, and wondering where time has gone! I am interested in photography and cameras. This interest began as a child, and has remained and was perpetuated in my Real Estate career, family activities, and travel. Last but not least, I enjoy travel - both foreign and domestic.



I woke early this morning to the sound of heavy rain. For those in the Greater Sacramento Region, it was the music of angels. Finally more significant rainfall, has made its way into the valley. This last day of January, reveals record breaking weather statistics. 52 days without any measurable r...
It’s no secret that major corporations often go to great lengths to preserve the proprietary ingredients of their products, in order to sustain their success - Coca Cola, Pepsi and Kentucky Fried Chicken, to name a few.  Writers copyright the written word, and songwriters the notes to their tune....
During lunch today, I was able to revisit an old Greater Sacramento landmark.  In today’s world, Brookside Restaurant occupies a building originally built in the early 1900s, by the Silva Family as a guesthouse for the American River Winery.  The Silva family had immigrated to the area from the A...
      My grandson, John Luis, is half Ecuadorian descent, from his mother’s side.  While visiting a few weeks ago, his mother cooked up a favorite of their dishes.  Llapingachos (pronounced “yah-peen-gah-chos) is a name for this dish that we have fun with.  We have called this recipe everything ...
My pillow has heat, vibrating massage, and occasionally, acupuncture.   I take pictures for the purpose of remembering fond times.  I do not impose copyright restrictions on this photo, so you may feel free to use, or distribute as you wish.  However, should you need a Real Estate Professional i...
The following recipe for "Roasted Roots" is one I cooked up while family was home recently.  It went especially well with Prime Rib.    ROASTED ROOTS   Ingredients:   1 lbs. Small Yukon Golds – Cut in Half or Quarters 1 lbs. Small Red Potatoes – Cut in Half or Quarters 1 lbs. Small Purple Potatoe...
If you have paid visit to my blog very often, you have likely noticed my penchant for visiting old California Gold Rush towns and destinations.  My fascination with these communities provides colorful entertainment to an imaginative mind – an opportunity to enter another era and realm.   However,...
Without a doubt, most residents in Greater Sacramento have enjoyed the spring like temps in the mid 60s, of the last several days.  This morning, I decided to begin the New Year right.  After slipping into hiking shoes, I headed up to Folsom Lake to witness low water levels, which have become a c...

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