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Trivia question answers for Friday June 8, 20181. Arthur Jefferson better known as who? Stan Laurel2. In what direction would a sunflower face at the start of each day? East3. The firsr atomic bomb test split an atom of what fissionable element? Plutonium4. What does a coleopterist study? Beetles...
Trivia question answers for Thursday June 7, 20181. The Easter Lily is a native plant of what country? Japan2. What is the common name for the sternum? Breastbone3. What does the Bark scale measure? Perceived loudness of sounds4. What is the Blackberry bush also called? BrambieTrivia questions fo...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday June 6, 20181. A benzene ring is made up of what element? \Carbon2. Which planet is named after the God of the Sea? Neptune3. How long is a bowling alley, measured from the foul line to the head pin?  60 feet4. What sports figure was known as The Wizard of We...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday June 5, 20181. What planet is named for the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Zeus? Jupiter2. What is known as "Adam's Ale"? Water3. Which US state is nicknamed the "Land of Enchantment"? New Mexico4. What country did french fries come from? BelgiumTrivia quest...
Trivia question answers for Monday June 4, 20181. The Saffir Simpson scale is a scale which classifies the intensities of what? Hurricanes2. Who was both the 22nd and 24th president of the United States? Grover Cleveland3. What was the name of the restaurant on the TV series "Happy Days"? Arnold'...
Trivia question answers for Sunday June 3, 20181. What military legend was nicknamed "The Red Baron"?Manfred Von Richtofen2. Who wrote "The Star Spangled Banner"? Francis Scott Key3. In the movie "Top Gun" what is the name of Maverick's co-pilot? Goose4. What drink is sometimes called "the green ...
Trivia question answers for Saturday June 2, 20181. A calorie is a measure of what? Energy2. What's the opposite of the Orient? Occident3. In radio, what doess AM stand for? Amplitude Modulation4. Macrophobia is the fear of what? Long waitsTrivia questions for Sunday June 3, 20181. What military ...
Trivia question answers for Friday June 1, 20181. What did JFK call "the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked? Putting a man on the moon.2. What musical did "Cats" surpass as the longest running in Broadway history? A Chorus Line3. What city is consid...
Trivia question answers for Thursday May 31, 20181. What bird gets its pink color from the algae and shrimp it eats? Flamingo2. Where did Susie fall asleep in the Everly Brothers song "Wake Up Little Susie"? At  the movies3. What is the only bird that can fly backwards? Hummingbird4. What is the ...


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