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I've been in real estate for eleven years. Have heard about radon gas just about the entire time. Live in an area that is suspect because of the way the rocks form our eastern mountains. Never had a radon test that was positive ... until now. The home had been previously inspected and showed trac...
It has been my experience that many relo agents work too fast with quantity in mind rather than quality. The idea seems to be they're only in town a short time, so let's show them as many houses as we can before they leave. I got a call from an agent a couple of days ago. He was inquiring about a...
Just got through the negotiation from hell and came home emptyhanded ... ugh! Buyers came in with a 95% offer in a market where 85% is common, and my client turned it down! Not exactly sure what is going on in her brain, but she was within $1500, the prorated return of the HOA dues would have bee...
When I was in school, I first heard the phrase "Those that can do, and those that can't teach". While that is not always true in any field, it does have a fair amount of application, especially in real estate. We've all faced the evil former agent monster at some point. They were in real estate i...
The deal to avoid the socalled "fiscal cliff" is overall pretty disappointing to me. It's really just kicking the can down the road and indicates the true seriousness of the problem we have in Washington with BOTH parties. However, the one thing I was happy to see, both from a business and person...
The basics of staging a home for sale are pretty much the same throughout the year. However, there are ways to tailor your approach to the seasons. Spring is usually the most fun for staging since we just got through the cold dreary months, and we look forward to all the color. For spring, there ...
In this day and age, why would anyone call a real estate agent at the office? I always hand out my card (which some say is also becoming antiquated), but I tell them not to call the office because I'm rarely there. We nearly all have smart phones and/or tablets. I pay about $160 a month to make m...

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