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I don't really get into Black Friday much. I go for a few of the bargains on stuff I might need or want, and on a few gifts for others, but that's about it. I usually don't buy anything else, and I certainly don't spend an extraordinary time shopping that could be used to be around my family and ...
There are two basic schools of thought regarding the question, “should we try to sell our home during the holidays?” Neither is totally correct, and ironically it’s because they sit on opposite sides of the same issues.  Some people say you should NEVER try to market real estate during Thanksgivi...
I never served in the military. I probably would have grown up a little quicker if I had. When I was in college, it was popular to be disrespectful to servicemen. I never did understand that concept. In those days, you were routinely drafted if you had no deferment and didn't enlist. Those men h...
A friend of mine has been investing in land around our area. He has purchased several tracts at "amazing deals" over the last several years. No one has said anything about it yet, but his name was in the newspaper foreclosure publications this week. One of his properties will be sold at auction. ...
Thirty days from today we get new business cards, signs, name badges, website branding, and make all the other changes to roll out BHHS Georgia Realty on December 10th. I've got about ten Prudential Georgia shirts for sale ... they are soon to be collectors' items ... no really, and you can get ...
I was talking with a lady yesterday, and during the conversation she referred to her industry by saying, "the (business) world is the size of a Tic-Tac". Got me to thinking again. The world of real estate seems so huge. There's the powerful NAR lobby, with all the thousands of members who make it...
Once again, Wells Fargo has proven that their left hand not only doesn't know what their right hand is doing, they have firmly established they don't even know they have a right hand, much less who it is! I've been working a short sale. I took it over from another agent who had no clue how to han...

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