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Real Estate is an all encompassing business, where the lines between work, friendship and social life are sometimes blurred. It is a "lifestyle" and a great career choice. So my blog will have a mix of practical advice, good ideas, industry tips and some of my hobbies & passions mixed in. Come join the fun!
    A friend told me this over and over again: Deborah--- you just got to write a book about all the wisdom your mother has instilled in you. Now writing any kind of a book is probably not on my “2013 to do” list but I thought, hey I could do the next best thing---write a Blog Post.  My mother's ...
    I love to paint----well at least I used to when I had the time! I have done the entire interior of my house and even some rental properties I own. I don't paint much anymore since my time is better spent in other pursuits-----managing my real estate career or just enjoying my leisure time.  ...
  I recently got a referral from someone I didn't know well, but we have a mutual friend who knows I specialize in income properties and niche commercial. I took the lead, followed it up and obtained a listing.   In looking at my present clients, I realized several clients are a result of Referra...
  Neighborhood Realtor-------------------This----------->                                                                      Or this----------------->         I'm not going to lie-------I've never been a “neighborhood realtor”---always had a “niche” and a specialty which took me way beyond just...
Working with a few Short Sales lately, I discovered a pattern that made me take notice. Here you have a Seller who is facing losing their home. The Lender has agreed, the SS package is in, and the Buyers are convinced they got a raging good deal. Let's stop here and examine the particulars. The ...
Do you have icky clients? The ones who second guess everything you say, call you at all hours expecting you to drop everything and listen to their woes, take eons to get signed contracts back,and generally are decent people but difficult as hell?   I have clients like that, and some days you jus...
Your Monthly cell phone minutes are almost in the 6 figure mark You can effectively answer the phone, reply to an e-mail, send a fax, eat your lunch, review title work, send a text message, and set a showing at one time. The only time you can be social is at 2 a.m.--online with the other real es...
  I just recently implemented a “Waste Management” program at a 4 unit property. Now before you start thinking that I hired environmental engineers wearing haz-mat suits, I must confess it's not all that complex. The City of San Diego has weekly trash pick up and every other week recyclable pick ...
Finding tenants is so easy---all you do is run an ad on craigslist, answer the e-mail, show the home and BAM—you got a tenant!   I wish it were that easy! For the uninformed owner, finding tenants, getting all the right documentation together, and managing the property seem like a “no-brainer”. I...
I decided about 3 years ago that I wanted everyone to remove their shoes before entering my home. It's a way of life in many Asian countries. What precipitated this was that I had a house-guest from Korea and when she entered my home she asked where the “shoe mat” was located so she could remove ...


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