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Real Estate is an all encompassing business, where the lines between work, friendship and social life are sometimes blurred. It is a "lifestyle" and a great career choice. So my blog will have a mix of practical advice, good ideas, industry tips and some of my hobbies & passions mixed in. Come join the fun!
The sale of a business (or other investment asset) whether it is real estate or capital equipment creates a large tax liability. A properly structured Tax Deferred Exchange under Internal Revenue Code §1031 allows businesses and individuals to defer capital gains as long as new assets are purchas...
Changes to HARP 2012 The home affordable refinance program was reinstated to continue through  12/31/2013. Along with that statement came relaxed eligibility guidelines in order to make the program more accesible to those who need it most. Billed as HARP 2.0 the most significant change to the gui...
Have you ever wondered why some people struggle with some issues that seem so basically easy to deal with? Or they just can't seem to get their "act in gear", be they teenagers or mid-lifers? Some folks get stuck in life and don't know how to dig their way out. In the past few months it seemed l...
   Do you remember these lyrics from Simon and Garfunkel's song "Old Friends"? Of course 70 is the new 50 (or so they say) and I am amazed that we thought 70 was ancient way back "in the day". Many of us over 50 have parents and/or relatives well into their 80's and up, leading productive lives, ...
We all have it! Most of us have too much of it. How does this relate to real estate? The other day I was at a client's house. It was a lovely, large sprawling home with unique windows and moldings. The problem was: there was "stuff" everywhere! I don't mean laundry or dirty dishes or toys, but ar...
If you follow my Blog posts, you will know that I believe Customer Service is crucial to being a success in business. You can know your product or service inside and out, and have 40 years experience but if you don't have people skills you will not be the front runner in your industry. As a matte...
Requirements for establishing a Domestic Partnership in California Both persons file a Declaration of Domestic Partnership with the Secretary of State.Both persons share a common residence.Neither person is married to someone else or is a member of another domestic partnership.The 2 persons are ...
When I read articles online about retirement, I am sure they are not meant for me. The gold watch, the diamond pin, and the end of careers for those who have turned 65. Now I am willing to accept the fact that I am in complete denial about my age.....somewhere north of 50.......BUT I am also ast...
Be friendly but never friends with your tenant. If you are in this business for respect, get out asap. Tenants don't pay rent out of respect, they pay to avoid the pain of late fees or eviction. No pain, no gain! Just like kids tenants won't do what you want until there is some kind of pain to a...
Investing in San Diego Income Property For all intents and purposes, investment property appreciates in value. If someone asked me the single best reason to own investment property in San Diego I would say APPRECIATION. What is appreciation? Appreciation is the increase of value of property over ...


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