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I won't be so bold as to say why, but this hits really close to home today.  Way to close! A man sobering up after a long night of partying is sitting in church and finds the sermon very boring.  He is having a hard time staying awake and finally nods off. The minister noticing this from the star...
Last It is time to plan the garden!  Time to look at the catalogs and review what grew well and what didn't.  what did we have enough of and what did we give most of away. (not that sharing is a bad thing).   My Grand Daughter decided that she wanted some of my old seeds.  "Your garden grew much ...
I needed some plumbing done on  a property that we bought.  We found a local guy, (we stay local whenever possible).  A master plumber working for himself with no employees. Steve and his wife own Drip Drop plumbing.  I called and told him what we needed.  He came out gave a bid and did the work ...
It has been a great week.  For that reason, A think a smile is in order.  An elderly gentleman I met at the Bakery told me this story putting himself in it.... A large lumber camp advertised for a good lumberjack.  There was a knock at the head lumberjacks door.  When he opened the door there I s...
These are the two words for a Man's happiness in marriage.  I was told this from most every older male in my family.  This is one way to accomplish this... x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x Grandpa Jones was celebrating h...
Kudos to the Saints on a game well played.  They fought hard and never gave up.  To the Vikings, THANKS for the great year.  It is hard to win a game with 5 turnovers, but at the end of regulation...it was tied.  This is the Saints first trip to the Big Show.  I wish them all the Best!
Ever notice how some people are born salesmen.  "He could sell ice to the Eskimo's" Is one of my Dad's sayings.  Well, When I was sent this one, I new I had to share. When the manager returned from lunch he sees his clerk's hand all bandaged up.  The clerk had some very good news for him. "Guess ...
I was driving on the freeway in Wyoming, Minnesota.  A billboard caught my eye, and I wish I had not been driving.  I had to go back today during rain and sleet to get a picture.  This IS a real Billboard and not just a photo shop version. I had to post it here for I know many of you will get a h...
My dad is my best friend.  Always has been, just when I was young , I didn't realize it.  We were talking about the olden days not long a go and about all the dumb things that had happened.  It brought to mind this story... Will had overturned his wagon of corn.  The Farmer who lived nearby heard...
Never fails...if the phone rings with a new client, while you are talking the phone will again beep and there will be another call. Now, Don't get me wrong....I will take all of these calls, but does it not make you wonder, why?   Have you ever seen, a small store with no one inside when you get ...

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