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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



You Might Be From North Dakota If...You might be from ND if you watched the movie FARGO and know they were speaking Canadian, not North Dakotan. You might be from ND if you are aware that FARGO was not filmed in ND. You might be from ND if you like to, and can, ice fish 6 months of the year. You ...
What A Drag It Is Getting OldIf you were born in the 50's or 60's there may be a Rolling Stones song running threw your head after reading my blog title. Every other Saturday I put together my two week supply of pills. Now on the positive side of things everything you see is a vitamin or a supple...
HUGE PRICE CUT! Mobile Home located on 1/2 acre lot out of City limits. YOU own the lot!was $99,900. NOW $59,900As far as Real Estate in the Minot ND area is concerned this may be "The Deal Of The Decade!". Half acre lot with a decent older mobile home includes a newer stick built garage.FOR SALE...
Building Upon A Firm FoundationI could easily make this a Biblical lesson as I love to preach the good news but I'm going to stick to Real Estate and construction here in Minot ND.We are seeing more and more homes in this area, Minot ND, being constructed with permanent treated wood foundations. ...
Remembering An Old Argument. A recent post by fellow blogger Lou Ludwig  reminded me of a discussion during a Bible study years ago. Lou’s post was about acquiring wisdom. The discussion back at the aforementioned Bible study got a little heated when the Pastor insisted she did not know, and foun...
A Historic Day In Class.Realtors are looked upon as professionals. We are hired buy Buyers and Sellers for our expertise in all things Real Estate. One area that many Buyers and Sellers fail to recognize is our expertise in safety... yes safety.North Dakota is the first and only State at this tim...
Why is Minot Still Growing? Real Estate Buyers and Sellers are both asking “Why is Minot ND still growing”. This is a popular question considering that the price of a barrel of oil has dropped to about half of what it was in just a matter of months. Buyers are wondering because no one what’s to p...
What Exterior Force Could Force Your Value DownIf you are a Baby Boomer chances are you never gave this a second thought, that is you never considered it a nuisance other than a visual nuisance. The younger generations, the generations that are now buying the house formerly occupied by Baby Boome...
Know Your ValvesThis information is primarily for those new to the Northern Climate as well as first time home owners. It will also serve as a reminder to those who take their plumbing for granted and have forgotten how devastating running water in your home can be. You don't need a river to floo...
Concerned About Pesticides In Your Home? I have read a lot of blog postings and comments about chemicals used in the home and peoples concerns about how they may affect the families, including pets, health. I totally "get" this as my son has High Functioning Autism and my wife is convinced it is ...

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