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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



See Motorcycles... Because...  I have had some kind of motorized two wheeler between my legs for at least 50 years. I'm not a novice to motorcycling. I feel I'm well qualified to advise automobile drivers to See Motorcycles... Because they are STUPID drivers!OK, I grant you that maybe 10% of the ...
GIMME SHELTER Yesterday was a very unusual day weather wise. Chicago has nothing on the ND plains as far as wind goes. On the Great Plains there is really nothing to stop the wind from blowing down from the North Pole in the winter or up from the equator in the summer. What was unusual was that t...
 A TIME TO KILL   Ecclesiastes 3:3  Last night I decided to tackle one of those chores that the Broker/Owner of a small Real Estate Firm often does, repair yard signs. First I repaired a plastic frame that failed to hold up against at 40 to 60 MPH wind. Then I broke out my little welder to repair...
 North Dakotans LOVE Heavy Metal.... Sculptures  North Dakotans love their metal. In a State that Agriculture is such a big part of you have a lot of welders. You will see it's prevalence in the following pictures I took at the North Dakota State Fair. Many of the 4H projects at the fair were met...
Maybe The BEST Obituary I've Read.I just had to share this obit from today's paper. I think maybe I might have wanted to meet this character and for sure I think I'd like to meet the writer of the obit and have them start on mine for when the time comes. 
Take In A Day At The ND State FairWe had a great day at the yesterday and if you have not been there yet I sure want to encourage you to get there before it ends on Saturday August 1st at Midnight.One of our favorite shows this year was the Diving Pirates on one of the free stages. If you look cl...
Active Rain, The Parade!Welcome to the Parade! If you have spent anytime in the Rain then you know what a fine parade it is. We have Princess'sWe have hard working Eager BeaversDoesn't that look like Alan May above on the grass?We have the classics to learn fromWe have things you don't want to se...
Bloom Where You Are NOT Planted!While not nearly as miraculous as the plant I photographed a month ago I still found it amazing that this little Poppy grew in the hole where a railroad spike once was. It not only sprang up but it bloomed as well and in it's short little life it made me smile. Thi...
This is advice, a warning, and a rant all in one.The advice: Get to the spot you want to set up along the ND State Fair Parade route early... like 7AM early.The warning: There is a Baseball tournament on at Corbett Field this weekend and the parking lot has been roped off for those participating ...
SOLD!!! 1969 Buddy 14x64 Mobile Home. New laminate tile in kitchen and bathroom, a new deck, new skirting and siding as well as a new tin roof. The AC and furnace work great as does the hot water heater which is about 4 years old. The price includes the carport, the lawnmower, dishes, and everyth...

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