Getting testimonials shouldn't be hard, right? It's understandable that you might not want to bother your past clients by asking them for a testimonial...but you SHOULD be keeping in contact with your past clients. Regularly interacting with past clients leads to referral and repeat business. Zur...
It's difficult having to come up with content on a regular basis when you should be spending your time helping leads and real estate clients. How on earth do you expect to write a blog on a weekly basis when life is so overwhelming? Easy! Use questions from your overwhelming life to make content ...
Lead generating is a subject often covered by real estate agents, website companies, and content writers. They present it in a way that lead generating is simple. In reality, it really is that simple and takes practice and consistency.  ...but...after you get the lead...what do you do next? This ...
Happy Friday! Let's have a little fun shall we? Let's critique some headshots found on royalty free stock image sites as if they were being used by a real estate agent. Trust me, we've seen it not all of these are far fetched. We found these by typing in "headshot" into the royalty free ...

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