Spring has sprung and it’s time for your business to bloom. Give this guidebook to first-time sellers to help them learn the process. Send to repeat sellers to refresh them with valuable insights. This book can be customized to include your contact information, so feel free to download it today! ...
If you are hiring a videographer to shoot a real estate video, there is one important detail to keep in mind: Post the video to one account firstBe sure to either have it in writing or discuss it with your videographer beforehand. Only post to one account when you launch the video - otherwise you...
We recently had a conversation develop on one of our Facebook ads advertising a free download of a listing presentation template. An agent commented "Listing presentations don't sell properties". There seems to be a spectrum of responses.Here is part of the conversation below - hiding names and f...
Did you know that the majority of online leads don’t convert into real estate transactions? It’s not because they are a bad lead, but because the follow-up may be lacking.Real estate agents excel at face-to-face communication. The issue with that is you first need to propel the lead into wanting ...

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