To answer the question quickly: YES - The world will always need real estate agents. The Sky is Falling!There are plenty of apocalpyse theories floating around the internet everytime Zillow or any other iBuyer company makes a move. It is fair to say that there will be real estate clients willing ...
Did you click on this blog to read it? That is because there was a compelling Call to Action. What is a Call to Action?A call to action is a phrase that instructs a person to take an action. Here are some examples: Call now Click here Visit my website How do you get a person to perform that actio...
What do you do when the leaky faucet that gives you full cups of real estate leads starts to run a little dry? Part of being a real estate agent is generating leads to keep your business running full steam. For the agents that have their lead generation down to a science, we have some of their (n...
You know what one of the biggest home buyer turnoffs is? Funny odors. If your sellers happen to be smokers, we hope they only smoked outdoors - otherwise you'll need to find a solution to get rid of the scent of tobacco (or other substances). Here are a few ideas to get rid of that smell:1. Ozone...

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