As a millennial myself, I know the majority of people within my demographic are currently renting homes. It's not an official survey, so it could be different elsewhere...but within my entire network of millennial friends, I can only think of two homeowners. TWO! Think about all the wealth we ar...
Hey Active Rain! As some of you know, we run a section on our blog called "Agent Insights", where we highlight some of the best articles written by real estate agents. We have compiled the 4th edition of our Agent Insights Collection E-Book looking at all the best articles of 2018. It's a free do...
With the first month of the new year almost over, I think most of us are done with looking at different aspects of our business for improvement. Has anybody here looked at the teeny tiny detail that is their e-mail address? This is quite possibly seen more than your website or your face.What Does...
Do you remember a simpler time, when you could go into the bathroom without an electronic device and be perfectly content with conducting your business? Some of us used to have magazines to gain additional knowledge during the time spent just sitting. And now we have social media, angry birds, an...

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