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Trivia question answers for Friday June 19, 20201. Who provided the original voice of Mr. Magoo? Jim Backus2. If you suffer from diplopia, what do you have?  Double Vision3. Ham is from what part of the pig? The hind leg4."I shall please" is the Latin translation of what medical treatment? Placeb...
Trivia question answers for Thursday June 18, 20201. What was John Wayne's nicname? The Duke2. What scientific principle allows a compass to work? Magnetism3. How many frames fit into one foot of movie film? 164. What is floating wreckage of a ship called? FlotsamTrivia questions for Friday June ...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday June 17, 20201. Is it true that there is more vitamin C in a sweet red pepper than in a Valencia orange? Yes2. What type of animal was selected to test the first electric toothbrush? A dog3. Which continent is the natural habitat of the Ostrich? Africa4. From...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday June 16, 20201. What is the most common element in the Sun after hydrogen? Helium2. Which actress played Forrest Gump's mom? Sally Fields3. Acceleration is the rate of change of what? Velocity4. What is a "Nutty Buddy"? An ice CreamTrivia questions for Wednesda...
Trivia question answers for Monday June 15, 2020\1.  What type of artwork depicts human characteristics that are modified or exaggerated in a humorous way? Caricature2. What is a female chicken between the ages of eight weeks and one year old called? Pullet3. What singer was known as "The Walrus ...
Trivia question answers for Sunday June 14, 20201. What candy does E.T. love? Reese's Pieces2. What four states begin with the letter "W"? Wyoming, Washington Wisconsin, and West Virginia 3. What breed of dog is Snoopy? Beagle4. What is a group of locusts called? PlagueTrivia questions for Monday...
Trivia question answers for Saturday June 13, 20201. Who is typically referred to as "The Father of History"? Herodotus2. The "Intelligent Whale" was the nickname of an early what? Whale3/ What famous animal character called "Skull Island" home? King Kong4. Who had to be removed for swearing at P...
Trivia question answers for Friday June 12, 20201. What is the only muscle in the human body not attached at both ends? Tongue2. What deadly disease is also known as hydrophobia? Rabies3. Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" music video featured which supermodel? Christy Brinkley4. What is the most common ...
Trivia question answers for Thursday June 11, 20201. What is the only rock that will float on water? Pumice2. How many US states end with the letter N?  43. Which sea is located directly north of Poland? Baltic Sea4. By what other name are pink dolphins known? BotoTrivia questions for Friday June...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday June 10, 20201. What is the oldest known vegetable? The pea2. In 1947, what pilot first broke the supersonic barrier? Chuck Yeager3. How many states have names which are only four letters long? Ohio, Iowa and Utah4. What is the name of the first nuclear power...

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