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Trivia question answers for Monday July 20, 20201. Who was thie first man in outer space? Yuri Gagarin2. Which state is closest to Bermuda? North Carolina3. How many US states end with the letter "N"? Four4. What song was the Beach Boys' first Billboard number one hit? I Get AroundTrivia question...
Trivia question answers for Sunday July 19, 20201. In what country was the worlds first ice hotel built? Sweden2. In France what is a Framboise? Raspberry3. What cut of beef comes from between the neck and the shoulder blade? Chuck4. In what sport would a contestant perform a "Fosberry Flop"? Hig...
Trivia question answers for Saturday July 18, 20201. The majority of the World's real cinnamon comes from what island nation? Sri Lanka2. How many tusks sprout from the snout of an adult male warthog? Four3.If a triangle has two equal sides, it is what? Isosceles4. What number does the letter "V"...
Trivia question answers for Friday July 17, 20201. In ancient Greece, what color hair was associated with prostitution? Blonde2. What part of the wine bottle is the punt? The indentation in the base3. What is a parsec a unit of? Length4. How many tentacles does a squid have? TenTrivia questions f...
Trivia question answers for Thursday July 16, 20201. How far is the free throw line from the backboard in basketball? 15 feet2. What candy used the ad slogan "Get the sensation"? York Peppermint Pattie3. Who was the first host of "America's Got Talent"? Regis Philbin4. How many days can a cockroa...
Trivia question answers for Wednesday July 15, 20201. What type of instrument is a Celesta? Keyboard2. Who launched her signature fragrance, "Moi", in 1998? Miss Piggy3/ A skulk is a group of which animals? Foxes4. What is measured in Ergs? WorkTrivia questions for Thursday July 16, 20201. How fa...
Trivia question answers for Tuesday July 14, 20201. What is Indiana Jones' daytime occupation? Professor2. Which state was the first to ratify the 13th Amendment to abolish slavery? Illinois3. How many times does the average heart beat each day? 100,0004. How many wings does a flea have? NoneTriv...
Trivia question answers for Monday July 13, 20201. What planet is tilted on its axis more than any other? Uranus2. What is a group of snipe called? A wisp3. Which car manufacturer's name translate from Latin as "to roll"? Volvo4. What do dragonflies eat? MosquitoesTrivia questions for Tuesday Jul...
Trivia question answers for Sunday July 12, 20201. Who famously said "When in doubt, tell the truth"? Mark Twain2. What important property do cider apples have that most eating and cooking apples don't? High sugar content3. Who was the Roman demigod best known for his strength? Hercules4. Burt Re...
Trivia question answers for Saturday July 11, 20201. N2O is commonly known as what? Laughing gas2. What color is cerulean? Blue3. What is a smew? A species of duck4. What kind of gun was used to kill Abraham Lincoln? A derringerTrivia questions for Sunday July 12, 20201. Who famously said "When i...

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