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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



The TRINITY HEALTH FOUNDATION is an amazing organization that gives so much to the region surrounding the Greater Minot ND area. Al Evon,foundation director, shares many of the aspects of the foundation with us in this brief 14 minute interview. Last year the foundation approved 101 proposals for...
The past two weeks have been very busy and I've neglected blogging even though it's one of the things I enjoy most in life. In no particular order here is what has kept me to busy.Spring weather. I've put a lot of hours into lawn care and gardening lately but both are looking great today so I sho...
Dean C. Rubbelke of Edward Jones is one of the many professionals who work in the same Professional Building as I and we visited today about retirement planning.'m 65 years old so my first question to Dean was how old is to old to financially plan for retirement. Dean, a Financial Advisor, did a ...
When I saw how this little group of blossoms stood so proud together all I could think about is that if they could sing they would really have a sweet song to share. Maybe they do sing, as they are in perfect harmony as it is, but someone must have told them that this is Wordless Wednesday. Think...
Every city has different rules regarding what trees you can plant on your boulevard, after all it's technically it's "their" boulevard. Before you plant a tree you best check with the city forestry department to be sure you can plant a tree there at all. Usually the idea behind this is that they ...
Here is a GREAT idea and a GREAT opportunity, Shredfest!I received the following postcard from AARP. The post card states that it is limited to two boxes but it doesn't say what size of boxes. I plan on bringing old banking records and if there is any room left I will bring some Real Estate recor...
If you were to ask me who is Minot's most enterprising woman it would be an impossible task but Val Stadick would be right at the top of the list. Val started Main Street Books with some used books,a loan from her husband, and a lot of determination. Today Main Street books is one of the most pop...
 This is essentially a re-blog but it's special to me because this year I am the same age as my mother was when she died (was murdered). Sofia K. Timm, born Sofia K. Stern in September of 1926, was my Mom. She left this Earth in 1995, even before my kids were born. To bad, she was a good Grandma ...
I had a very active day and it was good so I thought I'd share it with you.Of course it started with a dozen roses and a card for the mother of my children and then off to church from 8:00 AM to 11:00 AM.Tilled and planted the garden.Washed Carols car.Played lawn darts.During a bike ride I discov...
I'm passing this important message on for folks in the Minot Area.How wonderful would it be if we could defeat the hidous effects of Alzheimer's! I don't know anyone who hasn't been effected by Alzheimers striking a family member or friend. For me it was my Grandma Lydia.Help Us Paint the Town Pu...

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