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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



Chad Vogel is not a new name in mortgage lending in Minot ND, he's been one of the best for 17 years. He recently broke away from one of Minot's most well known banks in order to offer his clients more competitive rates and a more varied selection of lending tools. With interest rates as low as 3...
We had a great home made dinner this evening for Thanksgiving. The only thing not homemade was the cranberry stuff.Carol was busy in the kitchen all day preparing this banquet for just three people.I felt guilty that it was all over in a half of an hour. I also feel very full.I immediately headed...
The Timm family are gamers. Not the electronic kind or the gambling kind. The Timm family are card and board game type of gamers. Just like the Timm family I grew up in (although we would play a few games that involved 3 dimes or quarters). The newest game to join our "family tradition is Sequenc...
I'm grateful for "Mini-Me's".As recently as 25 years ago I was in the camp that thought: "Kids, no thank you" Now I'm hoping to live long enough to see grandchildren... lots of them! (but not to soon as my daughter is only 19 and my son is 18 years old)My favorite piece of literature says: "You m...
I volunteered to take the role of Jester for next weeks Toastmasters meeting so I'm using this post to test out a few jokes on you. Some jokes make you think and some are mindless. I’m going to start you out with one I had to explain to my wife. Was your friend shocked over his mother-in-laws dea...
I just stepped out of my office to run an errand and was greeted with this beautiful rainbow.I'm not sure I've ever seen a rainbow this late in November in North Dakota before but even if I had it's still a great treat.A rainbow is a promise from God that things will get/be better. I often need t...
It was in my first year as a Realtor that I recognized the value of becoming a Notary Public. My original intention was to be able to close mobile home sales. Shortly there after I started closing on line loans (which lead to many new clients over the years).To close online loans many lenders req...
Today was that day.Every year I volunteer for a 3 hour shift to sell hot dogs to help support The Horn Of Plenty sponsored by KHRT radio.You can read about The Horn Of Plenty below, it's a great community program.The dominant grocery store in town, Market Place Foods, not only allows us to set up...
Michael Ward covers some basic when and why to "Lawyer Up". Michael Ward, Attorney At Law, is one of the most experienced (and one of the sharpest) legal minds in the State of North Dakota. I'm proud to call Michael my friend and it is my good fortune that I have the opportunity to visit Mike nea...
70 X 7 =a) 490b) 7c) infinitely I am grateful that the correct answer is (c) infinitely.I'm sure there are a few of you that wonder where I got my math skills with that answer. I get it from my favorite inspirational book where The Teacher answers his most loved students question: "Sir, how often...

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