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The RealMan blog is about Minot ND. The RealMan blog is North Dakota's longest running and most read blog about Minot ND.



My Plan for 2020Going Remote!Part of my marketing plan as a Realtor was to get on the radio airwaves with a program about local real estate. With no real plan in mind I approached a local radio station manager and asked him if he would air my program. He said sure. It probably didn't hurt that I ...
When Tina was sworn into the Wisconsin Air National Guard it was one of my proudest moments ever.Tina is an inspiration to me. She and her brother truly make me feel like life is worth living and their presence on Earth is the my purpose in life.Both of my children avoided all the stupid stuff I ...
Brock Weppler is an Assistant Director of MSU Athletics-Development AND Brock is also the Director of the Beaver Booster Club. Brock is an amazing local boy who has done a fantastic job for our local University, Minot State. Brock has been with the Beaver Booster program for 14 years and the Assi...
Normally at this time of year in Minot North Dakota the yards and the country prairie are golden brown. Normally mowing the yard at this time of year is a chore reserved for those who have a lawn sprinkler system.Not so this year! Roosevelt & Oak ParksMuch of the area had experienced drought cond...
Gene Miller has owned MBM Auto in Minot ND for over 40 years. He knows European cars! This small shop in Minot has a BIG reputation for quality work for those who drive European vehicles. I love visiting with Gene. When we do interviews I feel like I'm part of "Click & Clack", what a great show t...
Andy and I have never been able to contain our conversations to the 15 minutes of air time allowed for the Minot Today Radio program. Our last conversation followed that past pattern BUT we did actually manage to get it down to two programs. Here is part two of two of our latest conversation.  Mi...
Andrew V. CarterDirector of Athletics, Minot State University When Andy and I get together it's had to put the breaks on our conversation at the 15 minute mark that I'm allotted over the air. Andy's enthusiasm always gets me going. I'm sure it's that enthusiasm that super motivates his coaching s...
This little display is on top of  a counter at our Christian book store.I thought it was a unique idea but the owner openly admits that it was not her idea but she liked it and thought it was worthy of copying. I agree with her. I took one and put it on my desk even though I don't need a reminder...
The Timm family is using this special day to enjoy Tin's company before she heads off to Basic Training tomorrow.We have been fortunate to have her home for the summer (from college) although much of the time she has been working two jobs in an effort to pay off her student loans.She has truly "l...
I've bragged about what a fine newspaper Minot ND has ever since I moved here and nothing will change that opinion (unless they switch to a liberal slant) BUT I'm really bummed with the announcement that starting Saturday 09/06/2019 they will no longer be a 7 day a week news source.The Sunday pap...

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